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Data Usage

How to Reduce Wifi Data Usage in Windows 10

Here Is the simple trick that you can reduce the wifi data usage in Windows 10. you can reduce the data usage by turning on the "metered connection" In this method, you will...

Download Geany C++ Compiler for Windows

Now you can install Geany Editor and GCC C++ Compiler on single go by selecting the auto installer from the below list and click on 'Install' to directly install them on...
download adobe

How To Download Adobe cc Products Directly | Windows And Mac

Hi, today we are going to talk about that you can download adobe all products directly without any third party websites or creative cloud application. you can download all Adobe products...
Emoji Keyboard

How To Use Emoji And Symbols In Windows 10

if you are trying to add emojis to your text in windows. here is the simple steps to add emojis in the text without any third party applications. How To Use Emojis...
Windows 10 Perfomance

How to Increase Windows 10 Performance

Here is the some tips & tricks To Speed up Windows 10 perfomance and make your device faster faster. 1. Prevent programs from loading at startup It’s a common sight for most Windows...

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