How to Reduce Wifi Data Usage in Windows 10

Data Usage

Here Is the simple trick that you can reduce the wifi data usage in Windows 10. you can reduce the data usage by turning on the “metered connection”

In this method, you will make Windows believe that your internet connection is a metered one, and then it won’t automatically download all the updates over it. Note that some priority updates will still get downloaded regardless of using this method.

How to Turn On The Metered Connection

  • First, go to windows settings.
  • tap on  ‘Network And Internet‘.

reduce datausage

  • click on the name of the network you’re connected to. (In case you want to do this for a different network, you can find the list of the networks your computer has previously been connected to by clicking on “Manage known networks”. If you take this option, click on your desired network name and then click on “Properties”.)

  • Turn On the ‘Metered Connection

Now, Windows 10 will assume that you have a limited data plan on this network and won’t download all updates over it automatically.

Video Tutorial


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