How To Hack NewsDog App – Earn Unlimited Coin

newsdog hacking

Today we are going to show you to hack news dog app. you can earn unlimited coin every day. this trick 100% working.

What Is NewsDog?

NewsDog Is a news publishing app like newshunt. in this app you can earn coin by inviting your friends to this can also earn coin by reading news.

250 Coin = 1 ₹

Create NewsDog Account

  • Download NewsDog App.( Click here to download )
  • Then install and open it
  • then select your language
  • then tap on “EarnMoney”

  • login with your facebook account

How To Hack NewsDog?

You can earn money without inviting your friends to this app so let’s get started:

  • First, download dolphinZero App.( click here )
  • then open newsdog app. then tap on earn money.
  • scroll down. you can see share with Whatsapp.

  • share to one person.
  • open that link your self With DolphinZero browser.

  • then click install that time you can see the exit that browser. then open NewsDog ( you can see 50 coins added to your account).
  • now turn off your internet connection. then turn it back. ( or on airplane mode then off )
  • then continue this method. you can earn 50 coins every click.

if any doubt please comment down below ☺.




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