How to Create A 3D of Your Face With Single Image

create 3d face

Now you an also create your on 3d face with a single is the simple steps to create a 3D Model of your face.

Create a 3D Model of Your Face

  • First go to project website here


  • Click on the “Choose File” option. A new window will pop-up. Select the image you wish to transform from your computer.



  • Once you’ve selected the image you wanted to create a 3D model of, click on Upload Image.


create 3d avatar


  • The selected image will now be uploaded to the server. After a while, the page will automatically refresh showing you the 3D model of the image.



  • You can now use your mouse to drag and move the 3D model as you like. Also, on the right-hand side, you’ll get a Z-Transform scale, to move the 3D figure closer or away from the main background image. You also have the option to remove the background image altogether and play with the 3D model alone.

Video Tutorial :


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